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In addition to digital sewing patterns and e-books, we also have a large collection of vintage original sewing and fashion magazines! These are a wonderful source of historical fashion information, graphics, and even patterns!


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Original La Mode Pratique January, 1939 - SOLD

This issue features 28 pages of beautifully illustrated dress and hat fashions in both color and black and white, articles about the latest fashions, and frame-able advertisements, lingerie and beauty products.
Also included are home decor articles, embroidery patterns, children's fashions, knitting patterns, and a pattern diagram for a children's set of patterns as well as a ladies hat pattern.

The magazine is in good condition and has all pages (see photos) with only a little foxing and wear from age. There are a few chips and bumps to corners here and there.


Mode pratique

Original La Mode Pratique June 1914 - SOLD

This is a beautiful and very rare French ladies magazine from 1914.
Mode Pratique (Practical Fashion) is full of beautiful fashion plates, sewing and knitting patterns, advertisements, articles and more.

This issue features 20 pages of beautifully illustrated dress and hat fashions, purses, parasols, jabots, directions for making a fan from lace, embroidery patterns and motifs, a lace blouse crochet pattern, and frame-able advertisements for beauty products.

The magazine is in beautiful condition and has all pages (see photos) with only a little foxing and browning from age, and a few small creases and minor tears.

It measures 10" wide and 14" tall.


modes et travaux

Original Modes et Travaux September, 1936 - SOLD

This is a beautiful, incredibly rare 52 page edition of the French magazine "Modes et Travaux" (Fashion and Hand Work) from September, 1936. These 1930's editions are especially rare and are highly sought after by collectors. It includes some particularly amazing knitting and crochet patterns, most in color, for some really gorgeous ladies' sweaters, and some really amazing advertisements.--this pattern also includes the very rare (almost never found!) embroidery transfer/ sewing pattern for some of the featured designs.—

The magazine is in almost new condition; a remarkable feat for its age. The only faults is a tiny tear at the bottom of the outer spine.The majority of pages are lovely, crisp, and colorful.
8" wide, 11 1/2" high.

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