Originator Patterns Catalog (1949)

Originator Booklet
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This is a digital copy of a beautiful pattern catalog by Originator from March of 1949, Volume 5, no. 6.
The booklet is 40 pages of incredibly detailed fashion sketches for patterns available at the time. Most of the sketches are full length, full page and are perfect for framing. Originator patterns is no longer in business and their beautiful couture patterns are now very hard to find.


--PLEASE NOTE, this booklet contains only illustrations of descriptions of patterns. There are no actual sewing patterns in this booklet.

These pattern booklets are a great way to learn about fashion from a certain era, gain inspiration for your latest vintage style sewing project, research a particular pattern, or just enjoy the pages of artistic eye candy!

The images are also perfect for digital collage, art or scrap booking.

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