1920's Draped Slip #3032 (1928)

3032 slip art better hands
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This is an E-book with instructions on how to sew a lovely and feminine draped slip from 1928 WITHOUT USING A PAPER PATTERN! The instructions will make sense to an intermediate or above sewing enthusiast. Instructions include how to make the designs to your exact measurements.

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The slip is a very simple flapper design, fitted at the upper chest, straight through the waist, with bust darts and draped hip vent panels that wrap around at back.

The booklet contains four pages of sewing and ornamentation lessons from the same era to help you make a beautifully finished slip.

You will be able to sew a complete garment using this E-booklet, no printing required!

Printing a PDF is easy. Just open, hit print, and make sure that your printer scale is set to 100% (this should be the default setting in most cases).

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