1920’s Robe or Kimono Coat #3039 (1927)

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This is an E-book with instructions on how to sew two different styles of 1920's kimono style robes WITHOUT USING A PAPER PATTERN! The instructions are quite simple and will make sense to an intermediate or above sewing enthusiast. Instructions include how to make the designs to your exact measurements.

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Year: 1927.
The original source material included suggestions as to how to make the pattern up as a beach cover up, or as a kimono robe for the boudoir.

SIZING: This pattern booklet includes instructions on how to make this pattern for your own measurements - so it can be made in any size!

Difficulty level: Intermediate.

You will be able to sew a complete robe or coat using this E-booklet, no printing or pattern drafting required!

Note: The original source material is a bit vague on bust size to fabric width ratio - the design is one size fits most. For bust sizes under 38”, 35-39” wide fabric should suffice. 

For larger bust sizes, simply go with fabric wider than 40". As always, we suggest you make a muslin to determine fit, and compare your measurements to the lengths of fabric folded on your table once marked out, but before cutting.

Pattern type - Patternless cutting: The Patternless-Cutting type of pattern is typically seen in our 1920’s sewing patterns. 

This type of pattern is not the sort that you lay out on fabric and cut out. These patterns are a set of very detailed instructions, diagrams, and illustrations that show you how to mark out your “pattern” on a piece of fabric laid out on your table. You use your own measurements to get an exact fit, and there is no printing, drafting, or taping involved.

If you prefer a "traditional" pattern that is ready to cut and sew, you might wish to purchase this pattern instead.

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