1950's French Corselet Waist Cincher #2003

2003 corselette new art
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This is an amazing vintage pattern based on an image from a 1950's French magazine. The corselet is a corset without boning. It's main purpose is to reduce unsightly bulges under clothing from bra or pantie lines, and to cinch the waist into a smooth line. Not mention, it's rather sexy!

This corselet can either be closed in front with a zipper or hook and eye tape. (boning can be added if you need more support)

Fabric requirements: 7/8 yard.
The pattern comes with several sizes included from a 26"- 32" waist.

Difficulty level: intermediate
The instructions are in both French and English.

570 Corselet

Printing a PDF is easy. Just open, hit print, and make sure that your printer scale is set to 100% (this should be the default setting in most cases).

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2003 flats

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