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This is a really lovely crochet book in Ebook form. The content is so varied that there's something for everyone. Hiawatha Hats, Bags and Accessories is from 1945 and includes crochet patterns for everything in the pictures above and more including the following:

Coachman's Hat and Bag (First Picture)
Colorful Flower Art Hat
Sorcerer's Apprentice Cap (Named this way long before the book and movie!)
Feathered Cloche
Pin Striped Bag
Popcorn Bloused Beret
Circle Pouch
Pansy Choker and Earrings
Butterfly Belt and Brooch
Trotteur Beret
Round Robin Bag
Victorian Pillbox
Cuffed Brim Bonnet
Peek-a-boo cap
Ruffled Handbag
Scalloped casual cap with Scalloped Underarm bag
Top Knot Garland
Provocative pouf
And several more!

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