Cloche Bag and Scarf Set #1025 (1932)

1025 Set
$5 black

This is a digital sewing pattern for a lovely cloche hat, clutch bag and scarf set from 1932. The pattern was originally published for the newspaper column of a "Fashion Expert". I have digitally enhanced the images but the instructions are the exact wordings used by the original designer. The grammar and writing style tells me that the "Fashion Expert" was most likely a French woman writing in English.

It is not necessary to print this pattern. The "Pattern" given is a very easy to follow set of instructions for cutting and draping a certain measurement of fabric with several drawings and diagrams. 

Please Note: The hat pictured has a pleated brim. The instructions include a plain brim for the pattern, and while instructions are given for a pleated brim, they are somewhat vague and will require a bit of hand-pleating to get the desired effect.

Difficulty level: Easy.

Material Requirements:

1 1/3 yard of 35" material makes the entire set.

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