1920's Flexible Hat Pattern #3020 (1925)

3020 Flexible Hat Pattern
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This is a digital version of a lovely hat pattern referred to as the "flexible satin hat" by the original 1925 source material. The pattern comes with explanations for three different versions as illustrated.

The instructions are detailed and give photos and explanations of the process. However, this is a vintage pattern using language and millinery terms from the 1920's that may not be 100% familiar to the modern reader. The instructions given assume that the user has some experience making hats already, so I would recommend this pattern for an intermediate seamstress or milliner.

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Contrasting fabrics may be used for unique detail. Satin fabric and wire are called for as well as "netine" which I believe to be a firm sort of interfacing, and tartalan (muslin or cheesecloth)

Formatted for both U.S. Letter and A4 paper sizes.

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