1950s Draft-At-Home Class B Ruler Set - Digital

1950s full ruler set class b art
$5 black

This is a complete digital download version of the measuring bands (rulers) used for Mrs. Depew Vintage Any-Size patterns.

The bands are used to take a miniature pattern and scale it to full size.

This particular set of rulers is for the 1949-1965 Class B patterns. All digital patterns of this type come with the rulers as downloads to print at home. However, we do offer some free pattern sets on our blog from time to time, and if you don’t already have these rulers, you’ll need them for the free patterns.

If you're not sure which version of the rulers you need, please feel free to ask -We're happy to help!

You will be able to draft a pattern to your exact size from the miniature pattern template and specially designed rulers. To scale any of these special patterns from doll to children or adult sizes is easy. Rulers are available to draft the pattern as small as a 5 1/2” bust/ hip to as large as a 60” bust/ hip and the pattern will be scaled perfectly every time.

For a complete tutorial on drafting your pattern including photos, check out this blog post.

QUESTIONS? Check out our draft-at-home patterns FAQ page.

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