1940s Military Defense Themed Embroidery Week Day Towels E-118


This is a digital, print at home embroidery pattern set for military defense-themed day of the week towels.

The designs include 8 different unique versions!This pattern was incredibly popular in 1940s. If you want to embellish a set of towels, pillows, tap pants, or more, this is the pattern for you!

You can print the pages to any scale to work with whatever type of project you'd like to embellish and may be used without the days of the week printed below.

Designs include the following:

Monday - Battleship

Tuesday - Naval Officer with binoculars

Wednesday - Tank

Thursday - Aviation Officer with plane overhead.

Friday - Bomber Airplane

Saturday - Marine Officer

Sunday - Army Officer

Extras: Men in caps as sample versions, and a motif with an anti-aircraft gun.

We have also included a small lesson on common embroidery stitches.

Once you've printed the designs, use transfer paper, or trace the design with an iron-on transfer pencil.

My favorite way to transfer these designs is to print them out, then lay a piece of sewing transfer paper over my fabric. Then I lay the printed design face up, pin it all in place, and trace over the motif with a pen to press it into the fabric. It's fast, easy, and versatile.

Copyright 2020 Mrs. Depew Vintage LLC.

Copyright 2020 Mrs. Depew Vintage LLC.