What the Woman’s Institute Means to Me

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This is a digital reproduction of a wonderful and rare 20 page illustrated booklet from the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences - "What the Woman's Institute means to Me."

The booklet is a fount of information about the Woman's Institute dressmaking courses and the wonderful study booklets that they offered. The booklet is a collection of "Personal experiences of members of the Woman's Institute told in their own words."

Articles include:
"How I saved $67 on one dress."
"More and better looking clothes for half the cost."
"A help to the homemaker and a joy to the mother."
Successful and Independent in the Dressmaking Profession."
"How I made $500 in four months at home."
"You can earn money while you are learning."
"Make your own hats or become a professional milliner."
"There is no doubt about your ability to learn."
"How I established a $7500 business in a small town."

This booklet is wonderful for anyone who is interested in sewing, fashion history, or if you're a collector of Woman's Institute publications.

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