Solid Foundations Millinery E-Book

Solid Foundations Millinery E-Book from
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This beautiful set of books from the 1910's have been digitally restored to their original glory. Solid Foundations Part 1 is 38 pages. Part 2 is 33 pages.

The books are a collection of millinery instruction and buckram and other frame patterns from the era's experts at the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences Millinery Department.

These highly-detailed lessons are specifically geared at making close-fitting hats with or without brims. You will need these lessons in order to make solid foundations for many of the hats featured in the other Woman's Institute Millinery Books.

Year: 1915.

Solid Foundations Millinery E-Book from
The book features beautiful illustrations, photos, pattern diagrams and detailed, photographed instructions for making the foundations mentioned below. 




Elastic Cloth


Panama Cloth

Altering Size of Crown

Head-Size Bands

Tam Crown

Baker’s Crown

Rembrandt Crown

Apex Crown

Box Crown

Sloping Crown

Bell Crown

Shaping Crowns on Blocks

Part 2:

Buckram Brims

Flat Sailor Brim

Mushroom Droop

Methods of Stiffening Brims

Hand-Made Turban

Shaping Brims on Blocks


Bathing Cap
Bathing Cap pattern - Solid Foundations Millinery E-Book from
Difficulty level: Advanced. Please note that there are no complete hat sewing patterns in this book but there are drafting instructions for the various crowns and brims listed above. This is foundation knowledge that one needs to make advanced hats from 1910-1928.

Each page of this e-book has been scanned in high quality 300 dpi and then digitally cleaned and restored for better viewing.

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Solid Foundations 

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