McCall's Magazine October 1920 

McCall's October 1920
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This is a digital e-book of the 15 pages of sewing pattern advertisements featured in McCall's Magazine from October 1920. The e-book is composed of high-quality scans of gorgeous day dresses, lingerie, coats and children's clothing etc.The cover art is in color and all illustrations are in black and white.

These pattern collections are a great way to learn about fashion from a certain era, gain inspiration for your latest vintage style sewing project, research a particular pattern, or just enjoy the pages of artistic eye candy with your morning coffee!

These magazines are quite rare, and are often torn up and sold page by page for their beautiful art. We have been collecting complete editions for a decade to keep this priceless sewing pattern history safe from scissors. No magazines were harmed in the making of this copy!

Each page is very large format and high quality but the original source material was in quite worn condition so please don't expect perfect pages.

Digital PDF Version Copyright Mrs. Depew Vintage LLC, 2017.

McCall's Magazine October 1920 from
McCall's Magazine October 1920 from

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