Pictorial Review 1920’s Masquerade Patterns

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This is an e-book copy of the 48 page Pictorial Review's Masquerade Costume Sewing Pattern Catalog from the 1920's.
Every single page of this large booklet is in full color and every illustration is well worth a picture frame. Images are all in high quality 300 dpi and have been cleaned and enhanced.

These pattern booklets are a great way to learn about fashion from a certain era, gain inspiration for your latest vintage style sewing project, research a particular pattern, or just enjoy the pages of artistic eye candy!

This booklet includes costume illustrations, descriptions and yardage indications for
Santa Claus, Peter Pan, Pierrot, Clowns, Gypsies, ballerinas, colonials, Spanish dancers, Puritans, Quakers, Sprites, Fairies, Pirates, Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Anne, Dutchmen, Martha Washington, Bellhops, Sailors, Marines, Geisha Girls, Scottish Lass, Witches, Goblins, Kitties, Red Riding Hood, Butterflies, The Devil and much more.

--PLEASE NOTE, this booklet contains only illustrations of descriptions of patterns. There are no actual sewing patterns in this booklet.

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