Mourning Millinery Hat-Making E-book

1920s and Edwardian Mourning Millinery Hat-Making E-book from
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This beautiful book from the 1920's has been digitally restored to its original glory. The book is 50 pages of millinery instruction and sewing patterns from the era's experts at the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences Millinery Department.

These lessons are specifically geared at making mourning appropriate hats and veils and includes a great deal of information on what was appropriate mourning attire for the American or British woman of the early 1920's.

Year: 1916-1921.

1920s and Edwardian Mourning Millinery Hat-Making E-book from

The book features beautiful illustrations, photos, pattern diagrams and detailed, photographed instructions for making the hats featured. You will be able to make any of the 13 hats shown in the 2nd photo using this e-book, including the ornate floral ornaments pictured.



Periods of Mourning

Mourning Materials and Trimmings

Details of Mourning Dress

Veils to be Worn at Funerals

Hemming and Bordering Veils

Draping Veils

Crape Flower Trimmed Toque

Widow’s Bonnet

Fancy Band Mourning Toque

Drooping Brim With Side Flare

Toque With Hoop Skirt Veil

Transparent Brim Mourning Hat

Please Note that the book briefly talks about making wire frames, but not enough to be very useful - we recommend some knowledge of making wire frames before attempting these hats.

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