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This is an E-book digital version of a wonderful little booklet detailing every Home Study course available from the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences in 1924.

The booklet is a 66 page fount of information about the Woman's Institute dressmaking courses and the wonderful study booklets that they offered.

The contents include the following:

You Can Now Learn Dressmaking Easily and Quickly at Home

Why the Home Study Plan is the Logical Way to Learn Dressmaking

You Can Know the Secrets of Distinctive Dress

You Can Save Half or More on the Cost of Your Clothes

You Can Have a Pleasant and Profitable Profession

You Can Prepare Yourself to Teach Sewing and Dressmaking

You Can Learn Pattern Designing and How to Use Tissue-Paper Patterns

Whatever Your Circumstances or Need the Woman's Institute Can Help You

Why Our Courses Are So Easy to Understand and Apply

Select the Course that Best Meets Your Own Requirements

Detailed Synopsis of the Lessons in Dressmaking and Tailoring (which includes many of the Woman's Institute's most popular and sought-after books). Interesting Facts About the Woman's Institute

This booklet is wonderful for anyone who is interested in sewing, fashion history, or if like Mrs. Depew, you're an avid collector of Woman's Institute publications.

This is nearly, but not entirely the same booklet as Dressmaking Made Easy from 1921. There are differences included new courses offered, as well as several useful Woman's Institute statistics, FAQ, and very interesting photographs of the course contents.

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