Fashion Service January 1928

fashion service jan 1928
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This is a digital copy of the Ladies' Sewing and Homemaking magazine "Fashion Service" published in January, 1928 by the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences.

These magazines are highly sought after, very rare collectors items and mine was just too good to keep to myself. The magazine is 18 pages of sewing and fashion articles, stunning illustrations, as well as instruction and embellishment lessons for sewing beautiful clothing.

Articles on dressmaking
Millinery Instruction by Mary Mahon
Illustrations by Alice Seipp

Features include:
The Harmonized Costume
New Fabric Alliances
Hats for the Short Season
Becoming Fashions for the Large Figure
The Head that Wears a Wave
School Girl Needs for Mid Year
Making a Tailored Coat Dress
Color in Modern Linens
Selecting Kitchen Equipment
Just Among Ourselves...
A Magic Cover-All Apron pattern
and more.

Each page of this ebook has been scanned in high quality 300 dpi and then digitally cleaned and restored for better viewing.

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