Fashion Service Fall & Winter 1920-21

Fashion Service Fall & Winter 1920-21 ebook at
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This is a digital copy of the Fall & Winter 1920-21 publication "Fashion Service" published quarterly by the Woman's Institute. This was the very first edition of Fashion Service ever published by the Woman's Institute and includes a note from Director Mary Brooks Picken about the birth of the publication!

Fashion Service Fall & Winter 1920-21 ebook at

This is an incredibly hard to find book that features stunning fashions from the early 1920's period, and several articles on how to sew the dresses featured. There are no actual sewing patterns included but there are several descriptive tutorials and diagrams that one could copy with great results. An experienced seamstress would be able to take the instruction given and tailor the dresses pictured.

Fashion Service Fall & Winter 1920-21 ebook at

The book is 47 pages of articles, lovely drawings, instruction and embellishment lessons for sewing beautiful clothing.


Articles by Mary Brooks Picken

Illustrations by Alice Seipp

One Piece Coat Dress and Variations

Tuxedo Scarf Dress and Variations

Long Waisted Dress and Variations

Kimono Waistline Dress and Variations

Long Tunic Dress and Variations

Waist-line Dress and Variations

Straight-Line Dress and Variations

Kimono Panel-Effect Dress and Variations

Overblouse Dress and Variations Including Evening Dresses

Deep Collar Coat and Variations

Coats and Suits

Wraps or Capes

Fashion Service Fall & Winter 1920-21 ebook at
Fashion Service Fall & Winter 1920-21 ebook at

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