Embroidery Designs for Lingerie

embroidery designs
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This is a digital reproduction of a small collection of 1940's embroidery motifs designed for embellishing lingerie. This e-book has 6 pages of designs, with 14 different designs in total. The booklet also includes a full page of illustrated lessons for the stitches needed to make the designs.

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You can print the pages to any scale to work with whatever type of project you'd like to embellish. These motifs are delicate and feminine but would also be wonderful used on any other project as well.


Once you've printed the designs, use transfer paper, or trace the design with an iron-on transfer pencil.

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My favorite way to transfer these designs is to print them out, then lay a piece of sewing transfer paper over my fabric. Then I lay the printed design face up, pin it all in place, and trace over the motif with a pen to press it into the fabric. it's fast, easy, and versatile.

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