1920s Girls Hats & Sunbonnet #3074 (1924)

1920s Girls Hats & Sunbonnet #3074 (1924) sewing pattern from mrsdepew.com
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This is a digital reproduction of a beautiful antique sewing pattern for a set of three girls' hats and sunbonnets.The pattern is an easy, print-at-home format that will allow you to print and sew these gorgeous little hats in just a couple of hours.

The original pattern was released in 1924 and was timeless enough to be carried by the company and reprinted until about 1929.

Size: Small 2-4 years.

1920s Girls Hats & Sunbonnet #3074 (1924) sewing pattern from mrsdepew.com

Also included with this pattern are several illustrations of embroidery and ornament suggestions that came with the original pattern, as well as a few pages from our Ribbon Art e-book on ribbon ornaments for hats like these.

Instruction are in English. The original instructions with this pattern are very minimal - please keep that in mind before purchasing.

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