D-A-H 1950’s Two-Piece Midriff Dress in Any Size #5156

1950’s Two-Piece Midriff Dress in Any Size #5156 vintage sewing pattern from mrsdepew.com.
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This is a digital draft-at-home pattern for a French beach dress from 1950. The dress is composed of a dart-fitted bolero style bodice designed to bare the midriff. It has a contrast collar and optional gathered ruffle sleeves. The basic skirt is illustrated joined into a contrasting waistband. There is no waistband piece included but this can easily be drafted as a simple rectangle and ruched.

Fabric: 2.5 meters 100 cm wide ( 2 3/4 yards 40” wide).

Fabric requirements given are for a 98 cm bust average. More or less may be required depending on the size you choose to draft.

1950’s Two-Piece Midriff Dress in Any Size #5156 vintage sewing pattern from mrsdepew.com.

This is a pattern from a French pattern drafting system fairly similar to the Lutterloh golden rule patterns. You will be able to draft a pattern to your exact size from the miniature pattern template and specially designed rulers. To draft any of these special patterns to doll, children, and adult sizes is easy. Rulers are available to draft the pattern as small as a 5 1/2" bust to as large as a 60" bust and the pattern will be scaled perfectly every time. ALL RULERS ARE INCLUDED WITH THESE PATTERNS.

The pattern includes basic markings that show you how they fit together, and indications such as dotted lines for cutting on the fold. I have included several pages of drafting instructions that I have translated from the original French personally. The illustrated instructions show you how to easily draw your pattern pieces from the miniature pattern template using your special ruler. 

These patterns were marketed originally to both home seamstresses and professionals alike and assume that you have a basic understanding of clothing construction. The original patterns DO NOT include any sewing instructions. To sew these, you should have a basic understanding of how pattern pieces should fit together. The pattern pieces are illustrated in such a way that you can see how they are supposed to be sewn to each other.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: These patterns might be a bit difficult for the beginner but an intermediate level home seamstress will most likely have little trouble.

For a complete tutorial on drafting your pattern including photos, check out this blog post.QUESTIONS? Check out our draft-at-home patterns FAQ page.

What you will need:

Paper (I use large tracing paper but butcher paper, muslin fabric, wrapping paper etc all work great!)



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