French Wedding Gown #1029 (1934)

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This is a digital sewing pattern for an incredibly beautiful wedding gown and bridesmaids dress from the year 1934. It was originally published in a very hard to find French fashion magazine. The images have been digitally enhanced and translated to make the sewing process as easy as possible. The pattern has been translated from the original French and is available with both French and English instructions.

The pattern includes instructions for modifying the wedding gown to make a coordinating bridesmaid's dress.

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This is not a pattern that one must print out and tape together. It instead a very detailed diagram of how to draft your own pattern pieces. This saves on paper and printing costs and makes it easier for the seamstress to draft the pattern to the desired size.


The pattern is originally given in a French size 44 which is approximately the following measurements in inches:

Bust: 37.4"          Poitrine: 95 cm
Waist: 29.5"       Taille: 75 cm 
Hips: 39.4"         Hanches: 100 cm



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