1920’s Shirred One Piece Dress #3019 (1925)

3019 Shirred One Piece Dress
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This is an E-book with instructions on how to sew a 1920's one-piece dress featuring a shirred front panel WITHOUT USING A PAPER PATTERN! The instructions are quite easy and will make sense to an intermediate or above sewing enthusiast. Instructions include how to make the dress to your exact measurements.

The pattern is best adapted to figures of from 32-26" bust measure, it is not recommended to be used for a figure larger than 40" bust.

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The picture above shows the variations that can be made using this pattern (explanations included).

You will be able to sew a complete dress using this E-booklet, there is no printing required! You will not have to use a paper pattern, but rather, you will make a few simple marks and measurements on your fabric before cutting.

The flapper one-piece dress is slimming and very flattering. They make the most comfortable sundresses sewn in cotton, and wonderful slips and nightgowns sewn from soft jersey or silk.

Fabric requirements:
About 2 3/4 yards of 40" material. The "Length" of fabric referred to in the fabric requirements is a reference to the length that your finished dress would be. Instructions for measuring are given in the pattern. (Example, if you desire your dress to be 44" long from shoulder to hem, that is your "length" of fabric.)

PLEASE NOTE: This pattern and our other pattern, #3021 have the same base pattern in common. Each of these patterns will contain the same base pattern, with separate instructions for the variations to be made to that base pattern. Please keep that in mind if you are thinking about purchasing both patterns.

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