1920’s Ladies’ Capes #3038 (1926)

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This is an E-book with instructions and diagrams to help you make 2 different wonderful 1920's capes for day or evening wear. The pattern is originally from 1926 and has everything you need to make these capes without drafting a paper pattern.

The instructions are quite simple and will make sense to an intermediate or above sewing enthusiast. Instructions include how to make the capes to your measurements. Also included with this booklet is additional content including lessons on finishing seams and draping.

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Reproduced from original 1926 source material.
Please note: The instructions for the first cape are quite detailed and include diagrams, the instructions for the second cape are quite vague so please keep this in mind before purchase.
The dresses worn beneath the capes are not included in the patterns.

Fabric requirements:
1 1/4 yards of 45" or wider fabric.

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