Morris Brothers Tailor System Bodice Draft Sloper Set 1900s Vintage Sewing Pattern Drafting Kit

French A La Mode Tailoring System Morris Bros 1909 art

This is a digital, print-at-home copy of a bodice and skirt tailoring system from 1909. It is called the French A La Mode Tailoring System and was invented by the Morris Brothers. Instructions are printed on the pieces for drafting your sloper pattern. You would typically use a sloper to alter any other pattern to your size.

You will need paper, pencil, and a flexible measuring tape to take your measurements.The system is complete with a Bodice front, Bodice Back, Dart Rule, Sleeve (designed to draft a two-piece sleeve), and a Shorthand Square Skirt Guide. Please note that the instructions are brief, and while a skirt rule is included, no skirt instructions are included


20 - 44-inch Bust. 

Choose your size by measuring the fullest part of your bust circumference.

The chart technically goes as large as a 44" bust, but with a little eyeballing, you can draft even larger patterns, since you're technically drafting your own sloper first.

Since the text printed on the bodice piece says "Perfected in 1909", one may assume that the system was originally created earlier, as these were popular and rather prevalent methods of drafting from the 1880s and later.

All you will need to do is print the pages on US letter or A4 paper, tape together, glue them to a stiff piece of poster board, and then cut it out.

Please note: This chart is for drafting a sloper pattern only. You will not need this chart to use any of the 'draft-at-home' patterns in our shop. We have also included a dressmaking lesson from a 1909 Delineator magazine for you to see how a bodice pattern from this time period was drafted and sewn together.

These patterns were marketed originally in the 1900s to both experienced seamstresses and professionals alike and assume that you have a solid understanding of clothing construction. The original pattern only included very basic instructions in English. To sew these, you should have a basic understanding of how pattern pieces should fit together.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Advanced Couturière.May include little-to-no instructions, no facings, no buttonhole markings, no hand-holding of any kind etc. If you like a challenge, if your friends refer to you as the sewing God/ Goddess, if you are made of thread, needles, and ferocity, this pattern is for you.Please note that we are unable to provide any sewing help with advanced level patterns. You will get a clean, working, translated, beautiful pattern but please don't expect help with sewing questions on these. There simply aren't enough hours in the day for us to provide that service to everyone.

We have been professionally reproducing vintage patterns and books since 2008 and are very proud to offer very high quality, digitally drafted, historically accurate reproductions.

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