1910s Ladies' French Waistcoat Depew #3170 Couturière Edition

Vintage Sewing Pattern 1910s Ladies' French Waistcoat Depew #3170 Couturière Edition -INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF-

This is a digital print-at-home pattern for a lovely French 1910s Waistcoat/ Vest. The waistcoat is intended to be worn over a blouse and paired with a skirt. It includes a deep neckline and a small, optional, not-quite peter pan collar. It may be made with an optional pleated lace ruffle tucked inside the neckline. A belt finishes the narrow waist and may be finished with a buckle. The original instructions call for a small loop and button faux-closure with snaps hidden underneath. It would be lovely in striped silk as the original intended and is best when lined.

This pattern is part of our special Advanced Couturière line, composed of patterns intended for the advanced seamstress or tailor. Please read the full pattern description before purchase.

Year/ Era: 1913

Vintage Sewing Pattern 1910s Ladies' French Waistcoat Depew #3170 Couturière Edition -INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF-


Original Size Given:  44-46 (1910's European sizing). We have graded it into multiple sizes.

Bust: 31-33”/21-22” corsetted waist

Bust: 35-37” /23-24” corsetted waist

Bust: 39-41” / 25-26” corsetted waist

Bust: 43-45”/ 27-28” corsetted waist

Bust: 47-49”/ 29-30” corsetted waist

All sizes are included in the pattern. This pattern is specially formatted to print with sizes as layers. If you have adobe reader, you can select which layer/ Size you want to print and hide the others you don’t!

Language: both English and French are included.

These patterns were marketed originally in the 1910s to both experienced seamstresses and professionals alike and assume that you have a solid understanding of clothing construction. The original pattern only included very basic instructions in French, which we have translated into English. To sew these, you should have a basic understanding of how pattern pieces should fit together.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Advanced Couturière.

May include little-to-no instructions, no facings, no buttonhole markings, no seam allowances, no hand-holding of any kind etc. If you like a challenge, if your friends refer to you as the sewing God/ Goddess, if you are made of thread, needles, and ferocity, this pattern is for you.

Please note that we are unable to provide any sewing help with advanced level patterns. You will get a clean, working, translated, beautiful pattern but please don't expect help with sewing questions on these. There simply aren't enough hours in the day for us to provide that service to everyone.

By purchasing this pattern, you are agreeing that you have accepted the challenge of an advanced-level sewing pattern. As such, we kindly request that you refrain from sending us messages or feedback suggesting that this pattern is "too hard". Congratulations - you have read all the way to the bottom. We really appreciate that! We all need to challenge ourselves and learn new skills, and this pattern may very well teach you something new!

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