1940's Swim Suit #1002

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This is a digital, print-at-home pattern for a 1940's style one or two piece bathing suit. Version 1 is a fully lined one piece bathing suit with pantie underlining. Version 2 is a two piece/ Bikini/ Bra and skirt. The bra is faced, the skirt also has a pantie underlining, and tie belt.


Size 18
Bust 36"
Waist 30"

bathing beauties 1 copy

Fabric Requirements:
Approximately 2 yds plus lining material.

Printing a PDF is easy. Just open, hit print, and make sure that your printer scale is set to 100% (this should be the default setting in most cases). Then just tape the pieces that need to be attached to each other following the arrows. (Example: attach 1a > to <1a)

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