1950’s Capes, Purse and Beret #3041

3041 new art capes
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This is a full-sized print-at-home sewing pattern for a 1950s style set of capes in three versions that can be made from several fabrics including fur. 

The pattern also includes a beret (lined with grosgrain) and a lined slouch clutch to complete the ensemble! Each cape is lined and interfaced, and features either bow tie or button closures. The clutch fears several small pockets and is closed with a zipper at the top (the flap is an illusion).

The purse and beret patterns come as separate files to save you paper should you wish to only print and sew one at a time.

Sizing: The pattern is one size fits all.

1950’s Capes, Purse and Beret #3041
1950’s Capes, Purse and Beret #3041 size chart
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