1940’s Collar, Cuffs & Jabot Make Do and Mend #1035 

Fashion Service Pattern Cover Template

NOW FREE! This is a fantastic little digital, print-at-home sewing pattern for a collar, jabot and cuffs. The idea behind this pattern was to use fabric scraps to update an old dress. This was a popular fix during World War 2 to conserve fabric while still staying stylish. The pattern comes from a 1940's catalog featuring L-85 friendly fashions. (note: L-85 restrictions refer to a fabric and resource conservation effort during the war).
Year: 1942/ 1943.

The pattern comes only in one size so you might need to make some small adjustments to have the collar or jabot fit your dress, depending on the shape of the neckline you're working with.
These will work as wonderful sloper patterns for adding quick changes to any garment!


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